Give the Gift of Wellness this Holiday

The Gift of Wellness

Physique isn’t just ordinary tea like you get at the grocery store. It is wellness packed in the convenient form of a silk tea sachet.

Unlike most tea bags that are opaque and filled with sawdust like shavings, we have whole leaf tea and health giving botanical ingredients in our sachets. You can see every little bit of body benefiting awesomeness.

If that wasn’t good enough we have fabulous on the go packaging so you don’t have to mess around with strainers, filters, and messy clean up.

Buy a box for yourself or some for friends this holiday season. The beautiful packaging makes a perfect present at a great price.

This Holiday I am highlighting Crimson, which is from our Detox Collection.crimsoncroppedlogowhite
It has the base tea of Onyx, which is a vintage cave aged pu-erh tea from the Yunnan Province in China. The majority of the herbs in Crimson are from the Himalayas. These herbs help with everything from vision, liver support, fat reduction, and balancing your qi (chi).
Order today and get 25% off Crimson when you use code thanksgiving.
Get yours today and don’t let the holiday weight sneak up on you!
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