Calories in Holiday Dinner

Did you overindulge this weekend?

How much can you manage to scarf down during holiday dinner before that stomach-straining, pant popping, nausea-inducing feeling hits? It invariably creeps up around Christmas lunch part two right as you have to go to the next family obligation.

Suddenly you’re feeling as stuffed as the turducken and wished you wore that baggy ugly Christmas sweater and leggings to hide the bulge.

Americans eat about 3,000 calories during a typical holiday dinner!* Have a couple of those over calories in holiday dinner the course of a weekend on top of other daily foods and you have just packed on a full pound of fat.  

Luckily I am releasing my brand new 15 Day TeaTox.

It is super easy to use. It comes with a cute heart shaped strainer and you can still eat. No starvation diet. I am running a week long sale on Amazon starting today. Get yours now in time for New Years.

Happy New Year!

*According to ABC news.

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