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Crimson Fusion


* Metabolism Boost

* Craving Control

* Appetite Suppressant

* Clean Detox

* Great after meal dessert replacement

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Inspired by a family rum apple pie recipe, our savory dessert tea is crafted to help cleanse and purify your body and leave your appetite satisfied.  The ingredients in this robust, detoxifying tea also promote liver health and work to block fat deposits from forming.*

Highly regarded in Chinese medicine, the Pu-erh leaf has been used for centuries to help maintain optimal liver and kidney function. Like a fine red wine, these leaves have been Cave-aged for 10 years to enhance their natural benefits and promote true body wellness.*

Our blend combines nutritionally dense super foods from the Himalayas like Goji berries, and Red Dates to rejuvenate the immune system and enhance vitality. Red Snow, a rare and essential herb in the Tibetan tradition, has been used for generations to break down fat and support healthy cholesterol levels.*

Why I made this- As a kid, it was tradition for my Mom and I to watch thunderstorms and drink spiced apple cinnamon tea. Although the flavor is inspired by nostalgia, as an adult I wanted to add a twist to my tea with a utilitarian, fat burning boost.

Category- Detox

Pair with- Any Physique Tea from the Relax or Slim Collections

Best time of day to enjoy- After meals especially high in fats. Best when drank with food

Directions- Bring water to a near boil. Add tea bag and steep until desired flavor is reached. To obtain maximum benefits enjoy 3-5, 8-ounce cups of your favorite Physique Tea daily. Each tea bag can be re-steeped multiple times.

Caffeine- Low

Origin of base leaf- Yunnan Provence of China

Packaging- 15 Japanese silk sachets in a white organza bag packed in a box

Best Hot or Iced- Both

Allergens- Contains NO gluten, wheat, yeast, corn, soy, salt, dairy, animal products, binders, fillers, or artificial ingredients.

Produced in a facility that is FDA, GMP, ISO 20002, HACCP, KOSHER certified

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  1. What is Crimson?
  2. Crimson is an all-natural weight management beverage highlighting our Himalayan Detox Blend. This proprietary formula is designed to support the body’s weight-control efforts by supporting body fat metabolism, relieving digestive issues, and managing blood sugar levels .*


  1. How do I drink Crimson?
  2. Brew 8oz of water just short of boiling pour over the silk sachet, and let sit for 3-5 minutes. Re-brew the same bag 2-4 times within 1 day. For best results drink 3-5 cups of your favorite AM and 3-5 cups of your favorite PM varieties of Physique daily. Drink Crimson only after meals.


  1. What Benefits can I expect from drinking Crimson?
  2. Crimson is principally for relief of digestive problems, decreasing accumulation of fat deposits, and overall feeling of heaviness* although you will receive a host of additional benefits.


  1. How does Pu-erh tea work?
  2. Pu-erh tea can eradicate any residual fats or toxins from your stomach by speeding up the process of digestion and moving the fat quickly through the body accelerating the movement of fat from the stomach to the colon without giving the fat time to be absorbed by the body. For this reason it is important to drink all detoxing teas after meals.


  1. How does Velmikuaium work?

A.Found in the human stomach and is an active agent in dissolving fat. The rate at which the Velmikuaium dissolves fat is around 75% and acts as an excellent addition to the Physique Lifestyle.


  1. Why are Goji Berries added to the Fusion?
  2. The Himalayan ‘super food’ has proven to increase energy, stamina, and circulation by improving the body’s utilization of oxygen. As an adaptogen, they can reduce the impact of stressful circumstances, thereby lowering unhealthy levels of ‘the belly fat hormone’, cortisol and enabling us to burn body fat.


  1. Why is Ceylon Cinnamon added to the Fusion?
  2. Since high blood sugar levels increase storage of body fat, leading to weight gain and obesity, cinnamon helps prevent this increase and enables you to lose weight naturally. It influences sugar metabolism and prevents transformation of sugar into fat. Cinnamon helps you eat less and feel full longer by delaying food passing from the stomach into the intestine.


  1. Is it safe to drink Crimson for an extended period of time?
  2. Yes, each ingredient is completely safe to drink for an indefinite period of time.


  1. Is it safe to drink other medications while drinking Crimson?
  2. Although the ingredients are considered safe, it is best to have your physician review the ingredients in Crimson before you start to use the product.


  1. Can I drink Crimson if I am pregnant or nursing?
  2. Though the ingredients are considered safe, Crimson contains naturally occurring caffeine and herbs, which are not recommended for pregnant or nursing mothers


  1. Will Crimson give me stomach cramps or diarrhea like other detox products?
  2. All teas in the Physique Detox line work with your body to eliminate unwanted waste through the two main elimination organs, kidneys and liver. There are no laxative properties in any of the tea leaves or herbs thus you should not experience any uncomfortable cramping, bloating, or diarrhea associated with other detox products that only cleanses your intestines and not your whole body.  


  1. Is Crimson Vegetarian/ Vegan Friendly?
  2. Yes, Crimson is 100% natural and suitable for Vegetarians and Vegans.


  1. Is Crimson Gluten free?
  2. Yes, Crimson is 100% Gluten free. There are no binders or fillers in any Physique Product.


  1. If I have food allergies can I drink Crimson?
  2. Crimson has almond extract, so people who are allergic to nuts should avoid this Fusion.

*individual results may vary


Weight 6 oz
Dimensions 4.375 x 4.375 x 4.375 in

8 reviews for Crimson Fusion

  • Crimson is my go-to afternoon indulgence….that little bit of “ahhhh” that carries me through to the end of my day. So love this tea.

  • Fall is the perfect time of year for getting cozy and having a cup of tea. I love hearty apple spice types of teas. Crimson is so yummy and it helps keep the pounds off during the holiday season.*

  • Crimson is my FAV out of all of the Physique teas. They were out of stock for a couple months and I couldn’t wait until it came back in. I asked them to notify me as soon as they had it back in stock and the owner sent me a message directly. Now that’s customer service! I bought 4 boxes right away!

  • This product is a very tasty and fruity tea. I noticed the difference right away. I already ordered a few more flavors to try.*

  • At first I was not sure I was going to like the taste of this tea, Rum Apple Pie. After trying other brands different flavors of tea I was really pushing towards not trying it but I did it anyways. I loved the aroma and taste of it. No need to add any form of sugar and you can use the same bag more than once. Overall I will buy this product again. I am interested in trying out the other flavors.*

  • My favorite is the Crimson! It’s like having dessert after dinner

  • A delicious tea that helps curb your appetite.*

  • Best tea for the holidays and it makes excellent presents. It is actually quite nice chilled as well.

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