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Variety Wooden Gift Box

Five sachets of each flavor for a total of 45 feel good brews.


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Surprise the tea lover in your life with this beautiful assortment of wellbeing teas from our Slim, Detox, and Relax collections.  Single leaf teas included are Onyx, Coral and Pearl. Fusions include Orchid, Emerald, Jade, Crimson, Dulcinea, and Mayan.

Five sachets of each flavor for a total of 45 feel good brews. Our individual sachets are so high quality they are reusable 2-3 times, making this Variety Wooden Gift Box a great value.

Presented in a varnish sealed pine box with dual engraved logos and golden metal clasp, this striking keepsake gift will be enjoyed upon arrival and remembered long after. Perfect for any occasion.


Why I made this- I love giving gifts and this is a perfect gift for that special someone that appreciates a healthy lifestyle or is just a tea lover. You don’t need to worry about which tea to get them because there is a great variety inside our lovely, custom wooden box. Perfect for any occasion.

Directions- Bring water to a near boil. Add tea bag and steep until desired flavor is reached. To obtain maximum benefits enjoy 3-5, 8-ounce cups of your favorite Physique Tea daily.

Each tea bag can be re-steeped multiple times within the same day.

Packaging- Hand packaged, 45 Japanese silk sachets in a two sided embossed wooden box with metal closure.

Best Hot or Iced- Both

Best time of day to enjoy- Slim Collection in the Morning, Detox Collection after meals and Relax collection in the evening or when stressed.

Gift includes:

1 Decorative wooden tea box with 9 compartments

5 sachets of Onyx

5 sachets of Coral

5 sachets of Pearl

5 sachets of Jade

5 sachets of Orchid

5 sachets of Emerald

5 sachets of Crimson

5 sachets of Dulcinea

5 sachets of Mayan

Allergens- Contains NO gluten, wheat, yeast, corn, soy, salt, dairy, animal products, binders, fillers, or artificial ingredients.

Produced in a facility that is FDA, GMP, ISO 20002, HACCP, KOSHER certified

Variety Wooden Gift Box

2 reviews for Variety Wooden Gift Box

  • Sent this to a friend for her birthday. She absolutely loved it. From the wooden box it came in, to the different tea flavors.

  • Good selection of Physique teas in a nice box. Made a nice Christmas gift

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