Slimming Sun Tea

Look great with Slimming Sun Tea

Soak up the sun with a pitcher of slimming sun tea. It is very easy to make and helps you keep in shape.

I knew it was going to get hot when my Dad would bring out the sun tea pitcher; a funky glass container with bright red strawberries painted all over it and a spout at the bottom. The perfect summertime memory of hot days and fresh brewed sun tea after playing with the neighbors all day.

Turn the summer heat into a cool treat with a Physique Designer Body Shaping Beverage. Jade keeps the cravings at bay, Pearl relaxes tension and stress, and Dulcinea is perfect for those high carb days.

Enjoy the recipe below for great sun tea and have a beautiful summer.

Sun Tea Recipe


  • 2-4 Physique sachets – Jade, Pearl and Dulcinea are my favorites iced but they all work well.
  • Water
  • ½ cup sugar – if you like it sweet. I prefer a little liquid stevia after brewing.
  1. Using a gallon-sized glass container, place your tea bags inside, then fill to the top with cold filtered water. Make sure the jar is really cleaned so you aren’t brewing any bacteria in the sun.pearl tea
  2. Place jar outside in direct sunlight.
  3. You can add some extras in with the brewing water like cucumber with Jade, lemon with Dulcinea, or Cinnamon with Pearl. Experiment and have fun with it!
  4. If you want to make a smaller amount, in a smaller jar, just reduce the amount of teabags. For example, you can use one sachet for 1 mason jar. dry tea jade
  5. Wait about 3-5 hours. I determine when my tea is done by the color. I like a rich strong tea, so I wait until it’s a deep color. Note that these three teas that I recommend do not turn a dark color when brewed as they are a light Oolong.
  6. Once it’s reached the color and boldness you want, bring it back inside and add the sugar or stevia if desired.
  7. Serve over a tall glass of ice; garnish with some fun like cucumber if you brewed Jade.
  8. Enjoy!
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