SLIM- Fat Busting Body Cream

Trim Tone Tighten

Slim by Physique is an intensive skin care cream featuring the breakthrough formula of ADIPOPSLIM™ —a patented, Parisian slimming compound. With deep hydration, dry skin is supple, loose skin is firm and unsightly cellulite is diminished.

Created with therapeutic-grade essential oils and herbal extracts, Slim nourishes and optimizes skin using the ancient secrets of Chinese and Ayurvedic herbs. With the addition of ADIPOSLIM, fat oxidation is boosted and fat is metabolized as cellular energy.


Why I made this- I have terribly dry skin and when skin is lacklustre impurities are much more noticeable. I was tired of all the lotions and sliming creams that claimed the world and delivered nothing. So, I spent years developing a formula that not only hydrates the skin extremely well but also keeps cellulite at bay with natural botanicals while slimming the overall area applied.

Packaging- Easy to dispense squeeze bottle with snap top for easy travel.

Directions- Gently massage Slim into troubled areas using a circular motion until the cream has absorbed. For best results, use twice daily on areas such as abdomen, buttocks, thighs and upper arms. Wash hands after applying. If cream comes in contact with eyes, wash immediately.

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