Daily Slim Tea- Custom Blended for Weight Loss

Designed to be the ultimate diet support.

Daily Slim is packed with natural ingredients proven to suppress appetite, reduce cravings, boost metabolism, and inhibit carb absorption. Achieve outstanding weight-loss goals with a daily cup of our signature diet aid fusion.

  • The active natural ingredients in Physique Tea’s Daily Slim Tea have been used for thousands of years to aid in weight management, fat blood glucose and cholesterol control as well as an appetite suppressant. 
  • Achieve outstanding weight-loss goals with a twice daily cup of our signature diet aid custom blend.
  • Natural elements aids in digestion and therefore increase digestive enzymes which can help to block fat from getting onto the body.
  • Increased metabolism means more fat and carbohydrates are being flushed out of the body faster along with other harmful toxins that can promote disease and illness.
  •  No cramping, intestinal discomfort or pain like many weight loss products. 
  • Can be reused multiple times throughout the day.


High- mountain, Alishan tea leaves provide the energizing, metabolic boosting base of our slimming blend. Adding the potent combination of Guava leaf and Garcinia Cambogia optimizes carb and sugar digestion assimilation, helping to reduce the body’s creation of new fat deposits. Each order comes with a strainer.

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