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Whenever we eat or drink, our organs work together to filter and flush out toxins.

Today, man-made toxins, like preservatives and pollution, are so pervasive that our organs can’t do everything on their own. That’s why more and more people are turning to a detox diet.

Detoxification has been practiced for centuries by the oldest cultures of the world as a natural way of eliminating toxins and purifying the body. Used in Ayurveda and traditional Chinese medicine, detox aims to cleanse the body through a combination of

  • rest,
  • relaxation, and
  • nourishment.

Most detox diets may ultimately prevent and seek to protect the body from disease through a holistic regimen of

  • exercise,
  • proper sleep, and
  • vital nutrients.

You might have noticed that most detox diets require you to fast or only drink liquid juices. While fasting can be beneficial, it is shocking to the system, and you can't go about your normal routine.

This makes it especially difficult to be in social settings, and you're going to be extremely tired. Juice cleanses tend to be high in sugar (unless it is mostly veggies, which is unlikely because companies know that most people want yummy things).

Juice cleanses can also be really expensive, especially if it's pre-packaged.

If you want to detox but don't know how to start, this detox plan is a path to a possible lifestyle change. It has the added bonus of showing which foods you could be intolerant to or have an allergy to that you never noticed before. Slight allergies can cause mood issues such as depression, anxiety, and irritability. Allergies can also lead to weight gain, inflammation, and a foggy mind.

Dangerous toxins in the body build up in the bloodstream, tissues, and organs — but must first pass through the digestive tract in order to be absorbed into the blood.

Detox diets may prevent these toxins from entering the bloodstream by regulating food intake. During the course of any given diet, the body will process and remove existing impurities while only intaking natural and required nutrients.

Once a detox regimen is completed, the body is cleansed — but only for a time.

Regular detox is recommended in order to maintain optimum health. 

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