How Physique Tea came to Be



With an “official” start in 2012, Physique was the lifelong dream of a little girl who used to sell iced tea by the side of the road on hot, Colorado summer days. At the mere age of just four and a half-years old, Asti Alexandria created her first unique fusion of tea and herbs. “Prickle Pear Iced Tea” which sold for $0.25 a glass.

a girl sitting on a table“Years in making, I created Physique not just for my passion of the lovely tea leaf — but because I was fat. 

My first brush with the ‘possible’ was while living in Asia. As a strict vegan with gluten and dairy issues, the only things I could find to eat made me, well, fat!  Then I noticed that the natives around me were eating the same and more and… really thin!  After observing the culture, and talking to as many skinny women as I could, it didn’t take long to realize that the secret to their physiques was in what they drank — not what they ate.

That’s when the little bell in my head started to sing.  I searched and tasted and tested and began my first tea company, ästea.  And while its initial weight loss and detox teas were great, I need them to be even more*.  My world travels opened the door to interesting flowers and Chinese medicinal herbs — and Ayurvedic medicine.  Now an Ayurvedic Practitioner, I have incorporated my learnings into this mega-powerful line of body shaping beverages…Physique.”

"After grad school I took a job opportunity in a small town in South Korea where I developed a love of white rice, corn cereal and super sugary candy.  My vegan diet didn’t really mesh with theirs.  After several months, I went to put on a dress that I brought with me from the States and it didn’t even go over my hips. To my astonishment I had gained 40 pounds! I was FAT. I hadn’t noticed the weight gain because my social life was nonexistent and the style of the clothes was one-size-fits-all.  My sexy clothes hadn’t been touched in months.

Soon after I left South Korea and moved to Hong Kong.  That’s where I learned more about tea, the abounding varieties and all of their ‘secret’ benefits.  Then I mustered up the wherewithal to find healthy ways to get back into my clubbing clothes.

First, I stopped eating white rice and resisted any sugary foods until the weekends. The weight wasn’t falling off but at least I wasn’t gaining. The weight wasn’t really a bother until I had the opportunity to go home for the holidays. There was no way I was going home twice the size as when I left! I had to do something…and fast.

Looking around in the office I noticed how all of the other women were thin but ate the worst foods. How did they do it? I noticed they all had cup cups on their desks and asked what they were drinking.  They told me their ‘secret formula’ for staying cute and thin while eating some of the worst offenders. It was three types of tea*. I immediately started my hunt for the best of these leaves, and in the process, I rediscovered my childhood love for it.

After drinking 6-8 cups of tea daily, I lost nearly all the weight I had gained before my visit home*. The other 10 pounds were easy to hide for the few days I was there. No one was the wiser, which was fabulous.  But the best part was that I had stumbled upon a little known secret. I continued my thirst for the hundreds varieties of tea and was introduced to Ayurveda, an ancient form of medicine based on the idea of using diet and herbal treatments to bring the body back in balance and harness its powerful energy*.  I learned as much as possible about Ayurveda and soon enrolled in a top academy to become a medical practitioner of this beautiful science.

I dabbled in tea trading for a couple years while still living in Asia before I moved to South America, where I now call home. One summer morning I woke up and thought, ‘we are missing something. There is nothing that combines Ancient wisdom with todays flavors.’ Knowing what I do about Ayurveda, Chinese herbs, and tea I know what that little girl inside wanted to make next…Physique.”

Thank you for allowing me to help people look better, live better, and feel better. I couldn't do it without your support.



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