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Why We Love Physique

  • I Love Physique! As an avid tea drinker, I’m hooked on Physique. The tea is beautifully packaged, blended, and presented. Physique’s product range sets the benchmark for standard of quality. It’s not JUST tea. It’s a philosophy and a lifestyle that I very much admire the ethos of.

    Antonia Mariconda, The Cosmetic Coach
    My favorite: Pearl Calming Tea

  • For me, I feel a sense of tranquility and harmony when I enjoy a fusion of Physique. Every time I have a cup my body thanks me. It is very important to take care of my body, enjoy delicious flavors, especially when I know that it is providing the best for my body. Every day we eat many things that are not good and it is wonderful to know that enjoying an excellent product you can eliminate toxins and generate wellbeing. I love Physique Tea

    Ana Beatriz Osorio, Top Model / TV Presenter
    My favorite: Jade Weight Management Tea

  • I needed a natural way to help my body recover from strenuous efforts during and after competitions and Physique Tea is the way to go.

    Badr Rafael Bouabdellah, Pro Tennis Player
    My favorite: Duchess Stress Management Tea

  • I have been using Physique tea for a couple of months and I really love it. It helped me with anxiety, weight control, and boosted my metabolism. Physique makes me feel inspired to keep doing my diet and have better eating habits. My favorite is the 15 Day Detox. Thank you Physique.

    Bebsabe Duque, Top Model/ Actress
    My favorite: 15 Day Detox

  • I incorporated Physique Tea into my competition prep. My daily regimen includes, Onyx in the morning, and Orchid in the evening, Midday I drink Coral. If I want something that felt like a dessert I drink Emerald.

    Amira Lamb, IFBB Bikini Pro Champion
    My favorite: Onyx Liver Rescue Tea