July 06, 2018

Ku ding cha tea at sunset


If you’ve ever done a detox, then you know that there can be some unpleasant side effects: headaches, fatigue, nausea, rashes, and tummy upsets are all quite common while detoxing. But detoxing doesn’t have to be that way. Our 15-DAY Detox Tea with Ku Ding Cha is the best natural detox because it includes the powerful antioxidant Ku Ding Cha. Ku ding cha detox tea is unique in that it prevents nasty side effects while cleansing and purifying your body at the same time.

Like all my other tea ingredients, I get Ku Ding Cha straight from the source, Asia. Ku Ding Cha has been used in traditional Chinese medicine for thousands of years to reduce inflammationtime piece on the sand, eliminate toxins, improve memory and concentration. Now we use it to create a Ku Ding Cha detox tea.

Ku Ding Cha Detox Benefits

The main reason I’ve added Ku Ding Cha to our 15-DAY DETOX tea is that it's amazingly effective in eliminating toxins, which after all, is what it's designed to do. But there are other Ku Ding Cha detox benefits. Ku ding cha tea on a trayKu Ding Cha also alleviates the side effects that you may get when you detox. Ku Ding Cha detox tea is the best natural detox used to treat headaches, sluggishness, and digestive problems even when you're not detoxing.

Some of my clients get “a bad taste in their mouth” when they detox. This is another normal but unpleasant part of your body cleansing and purifying itself. Again, the powerful Ku Ding Cha in our 15-DAY DETOX tea will help with this problem. Traditional Chinese medicine uses Ku Ding Cha to treat bad breath or halitosis. Tea with Ku Ding Cha is the best natural detox because it’s natural properties make it both safe and effective.

Like all antioxidants, Ku Ding Cha is good for heart and brain health and lowering cholesterol. But it has even more to offer us: it treats the common cold, sinusitis, and bronchitis. Talk about Ku Ding Cha detox benefits for the body! It really is the best natural detox.

How Often Should We Detox?

Cleansing and purifying our bodies for maximum health and wellbeing should be a regular part of our health routine;ku ding cha in a wooden box how often we detox depends on our diet and lifestyle. If you eat meat, dairy products, and processed or fatty foods on a daily basis, you will benefit from a seven-day detox every month.

On the other hand, if you seldom eat those things and your typical diet consists mainly of fruit and vegetables and healthy grains, you probably only need to detox three or four times a year. Either way, a Ku Ding Cha is the best natural detox.

Gradual Detox

Some people also prefer to do a gradual natural detox over a period of months rather than an intense seven-day detox every few months. It all depends on your lifestyle and what works for you, but I really recommend a 15-day detox since that is the best natural detox there is.

The critical thing to know is that everyone can benefit from detoxing with Ku Ding Cha detox tea. ku ding cha appetite suppressant teaPurifying and cleansing your body of toxins will improve your liver function which in turn improves your health and helps you to lose weight as well as a host of other benefits.
We’re currently offering a Teatox and Slimming Tea Combo Pack. The powerful antioxidant Ku Ding Cha DETOX tea combined with the appetite suppressants and fat blocking leaves in our DAILY SLIM tea will cleanse and purify your body while helping you get rid of that unsightly belly fat and bloat. The fact that it is the best natural detox makes it even more beneficial.

As always, have a BeauTEAful day.

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