July 05, 2018



I lived and worked in South Korea and Japan for years and couldn’t help but notice that the people of those countries do not have the weight problems that we do in America. Both men and women are remarkably slender and don’t seem to struggle with weight the way that we do. Even more astounding is that they are not continually dieting; they remain slim because they have a healthy daily eating and exercise routine. But it’s not just healthy living that helps the women of the east looking young and fit. They’ve found that one of the world’s best natural appetite suppressant is actually found at the bottom of their teacups.

Appetite Suppressant Tea

There's a lot of hype about women in East Asia starving themselves, but this isn't true. Out of all of the women I’ve met throughout my travels in places like South Korea and Japan, I haven’t met one woman who was starving herself to keep the weight off. Unfortunately, I can’t say the same for America.

So how exactly do the women of East Asia stay so thin? What is true is that East Asians do not pile their plates with huge amounts of unhealthy fatty foods like we do; instead, they eat nutritious meals. Natural appetite suppressant teaThey do not eat more than what they need to feel full. And, of course, they drink lots of healthy natural teas because they know that appetite suppressant tea will help keep the weight off.

What Americans Could Learn From the East

I believe that if Americans followed the East Asian way of eating, together with drinking an appetite suppressant tea, like Daily Slim, we would be healthier and slimmer. So here are some ideas for a healthy eating regime in the East Asian way.

Best Natural Appetite Suppressants

Healthy Natural Teas

Remember to drink at least 2 cups of Daily Slim every day; it's the best natural appetite suppressant available in America today. It’s also one of the best tasting healthy natural teas around. There are also added benefits like better sleep patterns, more energy, and healthier hair and skin. Drinking appetite suppressant tea is a ‘win-win’ when it comes to your overall health and wellness.

Soup it Up

Miso soup is a part of almost every meal in Japan, including breakfast, and miso paste is a traditional ingredient throughout East Asia. Miso paste is made in many different ways Miso soup that is an appetite suppressant in a bowl.and various ingredients can be added, but it’s essentially a combination of different healthy grains and beans.

It's rich in minerals and vitamins, is an excellent natural probiotic, stimulates digestion, and energizes the body. It also adds fantastic flavor to any dish and tastes good alongside any healthy natural tea. Imagine how much better you’d feel if, instead of a plate of bacon, fried eggs, and a stack of toast for breakfast, you had a bowl of miso soup and a cup of the best natural appetite suppressant, Daily Slim? A great low-calorie way to start your day and feel good!

Fish, Vegetables, Fruit, Soy, and Rice

These simple foods make up the East Asian daily diet. Of course, they eat other things too, but 90% of the time, these are thFish and seafood appetite suppressante foods that they eat on a regular basis. The fish is generally grilled and the rice and vegetables steamed with spices and stocks that make everything taste delicious. Add a cup of an appetite suppressant tea, like Daily Slim, and those extra pounds will soon melt away.

Overeating a Definite No-No!

Another trick? Slow down while eating! East Asians eat more slowly, eat smaller portions than their American counterparts, and stop eating when they feel 80% full. Compare that to the Western way of piling a plate high with food and eating until you're fit to burst!

Of course, it isn't easy for us to reduce our food portions without help; that's why Daily Slim, the best natural appetite suppressant, is an essential part of your weight loss journey.Appetite suppressant dinner It’s best to use natural appetite suppressants because pills can cause even more problems and side effects than being at an unhealthy weight can. Plus, when you go the pharmaceutical route instead of using a natural appetite suppressant, you are more likely to gain the weight back and then some. The same goes for yo-yo dieting.

Avoid Bread and Sugary Sweets

Traditionally East Asians seldom eat bread, preferring rice which has more vitamins and minerals. Choose healthy rice like brown rice or wild rice to get the maximum benefits. While East Asians do eat puddings and desserts from time to time, it’s not part of their daily diet and more likely to be for special occasions only.

If you’re craving something sweet, it’s best not to put that sweet tooth off for too long. Appetite suppressant lunch Instead of refusing to give into the craving, find a creative solution. For example, just have a small bite or drink something sweet like a healthy natural tea. Not only will your sweet tooth be cured, but you’ll also have an added benefit of drinking one of the best natural appetite suppressants.

A Bit of Exercise

Unlike most Americans who spend a lot of time in their cars, East Asians are more likely to walk to the store and work. So instead of paying expensive fees to the local gym, take a daily walk with the dogs and family and reap the rewards of a healthier, slimmer you.

In conclusion

Cut out the processed foods, don't pile your plate with more food than you need, eat simple but tasty meals of fish, vegetables, fruit and a little bit of rice, walk more and drive less, and most important of all, drink at least 2 cups of our appetite suppressant tea, Daily Slim, every day. You'll feel and look better, and your weight loss journey will be easier than you think.

As always, have a BeauTEAful day.



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