Daily Slim Tea

Take back control of your weight loss journey

Say goodbye to annoying cravings, constant hunger, and a low metabolism. A cup of the Daily Slim Tea will give you your life back and help you reach your weight loss goals faster. Added bonus? The creamy smoothness of the tea combined with the fresh, cucumber melon taste makes losing weight tastier than ever. Daily Slim may have the following effects on your body: 

Suppress your appetite: Active, natural ingredients like Guava leaf and Garcinia Cambogia in the Daily Slim Tea have been used for hundreds of years to control raging appetites.

Boost your metabolism: High-mountain Alishan tea leaves give you energy during your weight loss journey, all while giving your metabolism a great boost.

Flush out fat and carbohydrates: The blend of Guava leaf, Garcinia Cambogia, and Alishan tea leaves boost your metabolism, which helps eliminate fat and carbs from your body, reducing your body’s ability to create new fat deposits.

Rid your body of harmful toxins: The powerful combination of 100% natural tea ingredients works to flush out toxins that can cause disease and illness.

Help your body digest foods: The natural elements in the tea help your body digest by increasing digestive enzymes. This process also helps block fat from getting (and staying) in the body.

Stay energized while you diet: Dieting can be exhausting, but with the Daily Slim Tea, your body is getting the natural ingredients it needs to feel refreshed and energized. No more snoozing at social functions. Even better? The caffeine level isn’t high, so you won’t get those energy crashes.

Enjoy the creamy taste: Traditional diet products don’t work, and they can taste awful. The Daily Slim Tea has a smooth, creamy taste due to the Silk Oolong, which is sourced from Taiwan. The Strawberry, Honeydew, and Cucumber essential oils fill the air with a sweet, refreshing smell, which sips as great as it smells. Weight loss has never tasted better!

    The Daily Slim Tea is created in the USA with its all-natural ingredients gathered straight from the source – Asia. The powerful fusion makes dieting easier than ever, and the tea does not cause cramping, unlike many weight loss products.

    Not satisfied with the Daily Slim Tea blend? Return it for a 100% refund.

    As an added gift, we include a complimentary strainer to make your weight loss journey even easier.


    • Each bag small bag lasts for 15 days

    • Drink 1 cup in the morning (with or without food) and another cup in the early afternoon

    • The caffeine content is less than a regular cup of coffee

    • See packaging for full directions

    • Flavor: A light cucumber melon

    • Best served hot or chilled

    Reach your goals faster by ordering your first supply today! 

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