Color Changing Tea Mug

Beautiful color changing ceramic thermos with unique East Asian inspired design

When hot water is poured inside the colors change from a bouquet of dark violet and blue to light orange and pink. When the water is cold the colors change back to dark.

Gold leaf outlines the design and bring a new level of luxury to the thermos.

The lid is silver with a blue jewel on the top giving it an elegant closure.

It comes in a gift box lined in royal blue silk, which makes it perfect for a gift that looks more expensive than it is.

Great gift for all occasions or get one for yourself, this classy thermos is exactly what you need to sip your self slim with your Physique Tea.


Why I made this- I see people carrying around thermoses that are plastic lined and are nothing special to look at. I wanted a plastic free thermos that was eye-catching and unique from all of the basic items out there. This color changing thermos has packaging that lends itself to be given as a captivating gift for yourself or your loved ones.

Gift set includes- 1 Color changing ceramic thermos 1 Silk lined gift box 1 Matching gift bag

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