Blue Butterfly Color Changing Tea

Add Some Magic to your Cup

Blue Butterfly tea is naturally a deep indigo blue flower from Thailand.  It is also known as butterfly pea flowers and Asian Pigeon Wing. It blooms early in the morning, which is the optimal time for picking. We then immediately lay them out to be sun-dried. No chemicals are used in the process nor while growing the flowers. 

Blue Butterfly is a beautiful colorful tea that can be brewed either hot or cold, and blue or purple! The butterfly pea flower is an incredible blue plant that has been used for centuries in Thai traditional cooking. When the dried flowers are brewed the water drink turns to a rich blue. If purple is more your color then squeeze lemon juice into the cup and it magically turns from deep blue to purple variants right before your eyes. The amount of petals and lemon juice determines the richness in colors.

Benefits include:

  • Enhancing eyesight

  • Strengthening hair

  • Brightening skin

  • Rejuvenating the digestive system

  • Detoxifying the body

Culinary experts and bartenders from all over the world are using our butterfly pea flowers in their cocktails and recipes, not only to make them uniquely blue and purple but for their health benefits.

Tip: Lemon, stevia and honey to make this tea taste truly amazing. This anti-aging tea can also be made cold by adding ice, turning it into a delightful summer drink.If you aren't much of a tea person, you will be once you taste the sweet Blue Butterfly Tea!

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