4 Easy Ways to Get Healthier Hair

March 01, 2018

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4 Easy Ways to Get Healthier Hair

Healthier hair—it’s something that many of us desire and feel like we know how to achieve (even if we don’t do what it takes.) I’m sure you at least know some of the most common healthy hair care tips: don’t use heat, condition your hair regularly, buy expensive shampoo, etc. But did you know that there are some easy ways to get healthy hair that cost little money? Find some of the best ways to get healthier hair below:

Healthier Hair Tips

#1 Use a Tea Rinse

If you’ve read any of my previous blogs, then you know that I’m a huge proponent of drinking tea for your health. Tea can improve almost every aspect of your overall wellness, and your hair is no exception. A tea rinse is one of the easy ways to get healthier hair because it uses something you probably already have—tea. Now that’s not to say that all tea is equal. Before taking on a tea rinse, make sure you purchase quality tea. It’s really a win-win because you can improve not only your healthy hair care regimen but also develop healthier drinking habits.

Rinse Benefits

Tea rinsing is one of the best ways to get healthier hair because it reduces shedding and strengthens your strands. The process of this healthy hair care trick is an easy one: boil your tea (put a cup to the side to drink) and use the excess to rinse your hair. Healthier hair is just that simple!

#2 Learn to Pre-dry

woman drying her long hair with a towel after a tea rinse

Even though less heat makes hair healthier, for most of us, blow drying our hair is a must. But did you know that there’s a blow drying process that can make your hair healthier? One of the best ways to get healthier hair is to “pre-dry” your hair before breaking out your blow dryer. Pre-drying is really simple! Instead of blow-drying right away, tilt your head over and shake, then towel dry. If you have curly hair and towel drying isn’t an option, use a hydrating gel through your hair instead. Pre-drying removes a great deal of the moisture, requiring less drying through heat. It also creates healthier hair, better-looking hair by adding volume.

#3 Lessen Your Hairspray

It’s not just heat that can hurt your hair, but hairspray can as well. Using Woman coughing as her hair is sprayed with hairsprayhairspray sparingly isn’t a big deal, but brushing through lots of hairspray can cause break off and reduces healthy hair. Hairspray can also weigh your hair down, making it feel limp instead of healthy and fresh.If you can skip using hairspray all together, that is one of the best ways to get healthier hair. If holding spray is a must, consider adding a light formula to your healthy hair care routine.

#4 Eat Right

One final healthy hair care tip that wraps up our easy ways to get healthier hair is to eat healthier. A balanced diet can do wonders for your body, hair included. Foods high in iron and vitamin D are especially beneficial. Check out this list of the healthiest (and worst) food for overall hair health and see if your current diet is promoting healthier hair.

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There are so many healthy hair tricks out there that produce stunning hair. Share your favorites with me on social media.

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