4 Reasons Why Our Silk Tea Sachets are Healthier than Tea Bags

December 01, 2015

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4 Reasons Why Our Silk Tea Sachets are Healthier than Tea Bags

As you’re hopefully aware by now, here at Physique we ONLY use high-quality silk sachets with all of our delicious and delectable loose leaf tea selections. However, what you may not be aware that there are 4 key factors why our tea sachets are actually HEALTHIER than tea bags:

Reasons Why

  1. Increased Expansion = Higher Potency

Our silk tea sachets are designed to allow loose leaf teas to naturally expand as they are infused in water. This leads to a more potent and healthier beverage.  

And if you’re concerned that “more potent” means “bitter” or “overwhelming” flavor, then don’t worry. In fact, the opposite is true. Because our tea sachets enable and enhance loose leaf tea expansion and maximum infusion, they don’t need to be squeezed the way that tea bags do. Squeezing tea bags releases tannins, which is responsible for that bitter taste that everyone hates so much!

  1. No Bleach

Many tea bags are made with paper that is bleached with chlorine, which can create toxic substances like dioxin. Obviously, this is not good for your health! Our silk tea sachets are NEVER bleached. They are cleansed through a process that is 100% oxygenated.

  1. No Epichlorohydrin

As shocking as this may sound, some tea bags are treated with a plastic (yes, a plastic!) known as epichlorohydrin, which is used to help the bags from breaking. Well, that might be fine for some products like plastic bags. However, epichlorohydrin has the potential to break down in water – which means that it can transfer from the tea bag into your cup or pot! The Environmental Protection Agency has warned that drinking water with high epichlorohydrin levels over a prolonged period can lead to stomach problems, and even increase the risk of cancer. Of course, none of this is an issue or risk with our silk tea sachets, which contain absolutely no epichlorohydrin.

Physique Tea: Your Health is Our #1 Priority!

At Physique Tea, we certainly want you to look and feel your best! However, unlike many other tea companies, your health is our #1 priority. That’s why we ONLY use silk tea sachets for all of our products, and we always will.

Furthermore, what’s inside our silk tea sachets is just as healthy. For example, NONE of our teas contain pesticides, GMOs, artificial ingredients, binder, fillers, gluten or soy.

To learn more about our commitment to your health, download our great new Infographic that provides a snapshot of the various health benefits of all of our teas. You can get it right now, and it’s completely FREE!

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