A Biopsychosocial Phenomenon: Oolong Tea

July 11, 2017

Brown tea cup filled with oolong tea

A Biopsychosocial Phenomenon: Oolong Tea

Oolong tea is a non-medicinal treatment for your mind, body, and soul.  Human beings are complex. However, all too often, we are treated as puzzles that are simple to put back together or fix.

What the Doctors are Thinking

There is a conflict within the medical field between bio-medical and biopsychosocial perspectives[1].


The bio-medical approach views the body as separate from the mind and soul.  You are tired so you are told to rest and eat more iron.  Your knee hurts so the doctor prescribes a brace and instructs you to stop biking to work. You have a headache so you are told to take aspirin and drink more water.

There are no inherent errors with the bio-medical mindset. However, it completely ignores the non-physical aspects of your life. Tired womanFor example, perhaps you are tired because your husband snores at night.  And what if your knee hurts because you are sitting too much at work.  Finally, maybe you have a headache because you haven’t enjoyed a bubble bath in way too long.

The biopsychosocial model addresses the totality of your situation.  Unfortunately, due to limited time with our doctors, we are often left to diagnose ourselves.  It is important to self-reflect and analyzes within the biopsychosocial model.

Oolong Tea Will Help

So let’s break “biopsychosocial” down for oolong tea.


The physical aspects of our bodies. Oolong tea is teeming with relaxing properties.  So your heart rate will decrease. Your muscles will start to loosen. Then the aroma and warmth of the tea will tickle your senses.


How your mind reacts. Consider this: Every night you pour a delicious cup of Pearl by Physique Tea.  Then, you pull out a good book and leave your phone charging in the other room.  Within the next hour, you get ready for bed and cozy up to your significant other or your fur baby.  You sleep restfully.  This is a pattern that your brain will recognize.  Quickly, boiling water for your oolong tea will become a message to your brain that the day is closing and it is time for rest.


How you interact with others.  As you begin to pursue health within the biological and psychological realms of your life, social health will follow.  When we take care of ourselves we can reach out and care for others.  But we must always be first. By taking an hour in the evening to settle yourself, bedtime quarreling will minimize.  You will be rested in the morning for your work friends who need a listening ear.  Headaches will not persist nearly as long when the kids are asking for ice cream at nine in the morning.

One Step at a Time

Health is a cycle.  By investing in one aspect of your health, you will face fewer challenges when addressing another aspect. oolong tea in a cupInvest biologically, reap the benefits psychologically and socially (and vice versa).  A simple cup of oolong tea can be the first step of an important progression to your overall well-being.


[1] Carwile, Karla. “Health Psychology- The Perfect Storm When Biological, Psychological, and Social Environments Collide”. September 23, 2013. One Patient, http://onepatient.org/health-psychology-the-perfect-storm.html.

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