A Snapshot of Loose Leaf Tea Benefits

September 21, 2015

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A Snapshot of Loose Leaf Tea Benefits

One of the most eye-opening discoveries that people from this part of the world make when they travel to other continents – especially South America, Africa and Asia – is that loose leaf tea isn’t just something that people drink for enjoyment or refreshment, but also so they can reap tremendous health benefits.*

Loose Leaf Tea

In fact, loose leaf teas are widely used in Traditional Chinese Medicine and other healing systems that have been around for centuries and have helped countless people thwart an array of ailments, aches and other health concerns.physique tea loose leaf tea

Below, we’re pleased to provide you with a snapshot of the loose leaf tea benefits found in our high-quality Physique tea selections:

Tea Selections

  • Supports Weight Loss and Weight Maintenance: Coral, Jade, Dulcinea, Duchess
  • Promotes Stable Blood Glucose Levels: Emerald, Jade, Dulcinea
  • Detoxifies: Onyx, Diamond, Crimson, Mayan
  • Helps Control Appetite: Jade, Orchid, Dulcinea, Duchess
  • Boosts Metabolism: Coral, Emerald, Mayan
  • Enhances Mood: Pearl, Orchid, Duchess
  • Provides Antioxidants: Emerald, Crimson, Diamond
  • Relieves Stress: Pearl, Orchid
  • Aids Sleep: Pearl
  • Aids Digestion: Onyx, Emerald
  • Increases Focus: Coral
  • Promotes Healthy Skin & Hair: Diamond

One Tea = Multiple Loose Leaf Tea Benefits!

You may be wondering why our loose leaf tea selections appear several times in the above snapshot. This is simply because all of our teas deliver multiple benefits! 

For example, Coral is great for supporting weight loss coral tea box and in a cupand weight maintenance and is also excellent for boosting metabolism. On the other hand, Pearl is a wonderful stress reliever, and can also help you enjoy a fitful, healthy night’s sleep without the need for sleeping pills or other drugs (either over-the-counter or by prescription).

How to Maximize the Health Benefits

To maximize your health benefits, simply visit our FAQ page and scroll down to the loose leaf selection of your choice. You’ll learn more about that particular selection, including preparation tips, ingredients, and other helpful details.

Re-Use Your Sachets


And remember: you can re-use your sachet at least twice a day! Simply allow your sachet to air dry in a cool, dark location. The special pyramid design of our silk sachets also means that there’s no need to “squeeze” or “swirl” your sachet on re-use. Simply infuse it in hot water, leave it for a few minutes (depending on your preferences), and enjoy!

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