Aqua de Aromatica Recipe Using Slim Tea

April 15, 2018

Aqua de Aromatica Recipe Using Slim Tea

If you’re a Physique Tea blog regular, then you know that many of the products and recipes that I create and share were inspired by my travels.  The base for today’s recipe, an aqua de aromatica concoction, is one that I first encountered while living in Colombia. During this time, one the places that I frequented the most in Bogota were parkside cafés. Colombian cafe with people eating and drinking outsideblonde woman infusing water with lemonWith spring in full bloom and summer fast approaching, I find myself reminiscing about the times that I sat in parque 93 in Bogota people watching and sipping on a warm cup of strawberry infused aqua de aromatica de frutas. It is these aqua de aromatica steeped memories that led me to craft the recipe below.

Aqua de aromatica is a Colombian staple, simple but delicious. Colombian outdoor cafe with lights and greeneryTranslated into English as “aromatic water,” aqua de aromatica combines fruit or fruit peels of your choice with hot water and sweetener (if you desire). The great thing about aqua de aromatica de aromatica, called aqua de aromatica de frutas when you add tea, is that you can use any of your personal favorites to create a custom recipe. You can copy the following aqua de aromatica recipe to the ‘tea’ or mix things up a bit. The choice is yours.

For this particular aqua de aromatica recipe, we will combine two of my favorite fruits lemon and strawberry with a Physique Tea, Daily Slim.slimming tea physique When you infuse these two fruit flavors with the creamy smoothness of the tea, it creates an aqua de aromatica de frutas recipe that is out of this world! Sourced from Taiwan, Daily Slim is a Silk Oolong tea that embodies strawberry, honeydew, and cucumber flavors. This refreshing tea is perfect for spring and summer aqua de aromatica recipes. It smells great and sips even better.                                                                                                                                                                   Not only is there a yummy taste to this aqua de aromatica de frutas, but the tea also adds a few extra benefits: natural weight loss and maintenance, increased digestion, and a boost to your metabolism.

Slim Aqua de Aromatica Recipe

Suggested aqua de aromatica de frutas ingredients:

  •         2 cups boiling water
  •          2 tablespoons of loose leaf Daily Slim
  •         ½ cup of lemon peels (or slices of lemon)
  •         ½ cup of sliced strawberries

To craft your cup of slim aqua de aromatica, follow the follow steps:

fruit infused tea in a kettle and cup

  1.       Place the aqua de aromatica fruit mixture (lemons and strawberries) into a small pot.
  2.       In a separate pot boil 2 cups of water and add in tea leaves using a reusable strainer.
  3.       Allow the tea to steep for 10 minutes and then remove the strainer from your aqua de aromatica concoction.
  1.       Bring the aqua de aromatica tea back to a boil.
  2.       Add tea into the pot with the fruit mixture and stir.
  3.       Allow your aqua de aromatica de frutas to steep for 10-15 minutes.
  4.       Ladle the aqua de aromatica de frutas mixture into mugs and serve              warm.

I have no doubt that this aqua de aromatica recipe will be one of your summertime favorites.

Hopefully, you’ll experiment with different fruits and share your favorites with me on social media or by email at

Until then, have a beauTEAful day,


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