Banana Peel Tea Recipe for Beauty and Rest

April 16, 2018

Two bananas sitting beside tea cup on wooden table.

Banana Peel Tea Recipe for Beauty and Rest

I’m always on the lookout for natural sleep inducing recipes, especially those I can combine with my tea. Most people know the health advantages of eating certain fruits but fail to realize that you don’t have to consume the whole fruit itself to reap the benefits. Bananas are one such fruit since scientists have found that the banana peel has a ton of great beauty benefits.

Banana Peel Craze

Reading this article about banana peel benefits by Style Craze led to the creation of the recipe I’m sharing with you today: banana peel tea. If you’re having trouble resting, banana peel tea for sleep is just what the doctor ordered. Read on to find out about banana peel tea, banana peel tea benefits, and how banana peel tea for sleep is one of the easiest recipes to make.

Banana Peel Tea Benefits

The list of uses for banana peels is endless. Banana peels can whiten your teeth, remove warts, cure pimples, and even heal bug bites. Bananas are considered a berry and adding their peels to your banana peel tea recipe will infuse both magnesium and potassium into your holding up bananas smiles




Because banana peel tea is infused with magnesium from the peels, you’ll see banana peel tea benefits like hormonal balance, lower stress, and whole body detoxification. You can learn more about the magical benefits of magnesium found in banana peel tea here.



But one of the most important banana peel tea benefits is that it can help you sleep better at night. This is because the banana peels included in this banana peel tea recipe contain a special amino acid called L-tryptophan. When processed by your body, this amino acid is converted to serotonin (relaxation neurotransmitter) and melatonin (a hormone that helps you sleep.) Many people substitute with melatonin directly but this isn’t really recommended since you can get it naturally through banana peel tea.

Other Thoughts

These banana peel benefits have caused adding banana peels to food to become more popular but because of the texture of the peel, many people are turned off by it. The great thing about drinking banana peel for tea is that you can use banana peel tea for sleep without having to actually eat a banana peel.

Banana Peel Tea Recipe

Banana and tea sitting on wooden table

In my last blog, I talked about how fruit can be infused into a hot water-tea concoction called Aqua de Aromatica that is all the rage in Columbia.This banana peel tea is similar except the peel is used and not just whole fruit.

Banana Peel Tea Recipe Ingredients

  •         2 cups of water
  •         1 banana peel
  •         1 stick of cinnamon
  •         2 tablespoons of Pearl Calming Tea

Banana Peel Tea Recipe Steps

  1.    Place 2 cups of water into a small pot.
  2.    Prepare your banana for your banana peel tea- You can use a whole peel (sliced), cut it cubes, or dehydrate it and freeze it.  Just make sure to cut off the ends.
  3.    Place your cinnamon stick and your peel pieces in the water and bring to a boil.
  4.    Using a reusable strainer, place your loose leaf Pearl Calming Tea into the water with your other ingredients.
  5.    Let the banana peel tea simmer for about 10 minutes.
  6.    Strain out your tea leaves and your peel from your banana peel tea.
  7.    If your banana peel tea needs sweetener, you can add a ¼ teaspoon of vanilla extract instead of sugar.

Although you can enjoy this banana peel tea at any time of day, banana peel tea for sleep is a great bedtime drink. Don’t be afraid to try other fruit peels as well and let me know which your favorite on social media is.

Have a beauTEAful day,


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