Benefits of Cold Brewing Your Tea

January 10, 2018

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 Benefits of Cold Brewing Your Tea

Have you found a flavor of tea that you love, but want to try something new? Switch it up a bit and try cold-brewing your tea instead of traditional steeping. Cold brewing isn’t as popular as the hot-to-cold method, but it has just as many benefits. best way to cold brew iced teaCold brewing your daily detox tea won’t stop you from burning fat or increase your appetite. In fact, some studies show that cold-brewed tea is healthier for you than tea brewed through other methods! And the best part; It’s simple!

The Taste

One of the main reasons people love cold-brewed tea is that just like cold-brewed coffee, it tastes a lot smoother. This is because, with cold brewing, the flavors are extracted slowly over several hours.  

The Process

I’ll cover the process later, but basically, with cold brewing, the leaves are left in the water overnight, giving the flavor time to infuse in a different way. Many people say that cold-brewing tea brings out flavors that they never tasted from cold brewed iced physique tea the bag before. The end result is a clean and less bitter cup of tea that just tastes better.

The Simplicity

Personally, I love cold-brewed tea because you can make it anywhere! The mountains, the beach, you name it. With cold brewed tea, you don’t need a stove, a pot, ice, or anything extra. All it takes is distilled water and your cold brew tea bags. Plus, preparation is safer since there’s no boiling water or burner to deal with.

The Health Advantages

And this is the exact reason why cold-brewed tea is healthier than hot tea. As hot water steeps the tea bags, it extracts the tea while also creating a chemical reaction inside the water. During this process, tannins, or polyphenols are pulled from the tea.

All About Tannins

Tannins are what give certain foods and drinks their tart taste. When I cold brew my tea, fewer tannins are released. This not only makes my taste great, but it also helps with iron levels since tannins can reduce the amount of healthy iron absorption from food. Cold steeped tea also has less caffeine, so those wanting to reduce caffeine intake will really love this method.

The Process

This is the easy part..and it can literally be done anywhere and in a variety of containers! A few that I’ve used include a mason jar, water bottle, and a traditional pitcher.

If you’re going with a larger container at home, follow this recipe:

  • Add 4 tablespoons of loose leaf tea or 4 bags to a quart of distilled water.
  • Let your tea steep for two to ten hours if it’s in the refrigerator (the longer, the better!)
  • If you’re cold-brewing your tea room temperature, steep it for 30 minutes max.
  • Once you’ve cold brewed your tea, strain the leaves out and serve as is or over ice!

I told you it was simple!

best way to make cold brewed iced tea in mason jars

Things to Keep in Mind

Because the process has just two steps, its almost impossible to mess up cold brewing. But there are times that cold brewing goes wrong. To avoid one of these mishaps, keep your cold brew away from direct sunlight for extended periods of time. This especially true if you add herbals.

You should also wash your containers in hot soapy water before and after use to keep nasty bacteria away. If for some reason, your cold brew tastes or smells bad, chunk it! Bacteria may have invaded your tea. Don’t risk it. Just make another fresh batch and drink away!

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