Cooking with Tea: Stir Fry

February 17, 2018

Stir fry with tea cooking on a stove

Cooking with Tea: Stir Fry

So, today, I’m writing the second blog in a series I’m calling “Cooking and Baking with Tea”. The whole premise behind this cooking with tea blog is to help you find new ways to make tea an integral part of your diet. Personally, I love drinking several cups of tea a day, but I realize that for some, the old-fashioned way can become mundane. This is where cooking with tea recipes comes into play!

Stir Fry with Tea?

Last blog, we talked about infusing tea cookies, but this week, I want to focus on something more savory: stir-fry. Stir fries are great dishes to incorporate into your diet, even if you’re new to cooking with tea. For one, they are simple to make. Usually, a stir fry is a mixture of these foods: meat (or tofu), mixed vegetables, and some type of seasoning. If you select healthy meats and veggies to toss into your mix, eating a stir fry is a great way to eat fewer calories and lose weight. Cooking with tea can speed up the process. 

                                                                                              woman pulling at pants waist to show weight loss

There are several cooking with tea recipes out there that focus on stir fries, but the one in this cooking with tea blog is one of my all-time favorites.

Cooking with Tea Recipe:

Ginger and Garlic Tasty Tea Stir Fry

Pre Time:15 minutes

Cook Time: 15 minutes

Sauce Ingredients

  • ¼ cup of tea made from the ingredients below:

--4 cups water

--4 tsp. Daily Slim Loose-Leaf Tea (Does this sound right?)- yeah you could use that

  •  ½ cup coconut aminos for those who are gluten and soy free and my recommendation; however you can use soy sauce
  •  1/8 cup apple cider vinegar for a tangy kick and a bit of fat burning or ¼ cup of rice vinegar if you aren’t into ACV
  •  ¼ cup oil (Coconut)
  •   3 minced garlic cloves
  •   2 tbsp. Cornstarch 
  •   2 tbsp. grated ginger
  •   1 tbsp. honey                                    

      Honey dripping from a spoon

Stir Fry Ingredients

  •    1 1/2 tbsp. vegetable oil, divided
  •    Your choice of meat, shrimp or tofu
  •     1 onion (chunked)
  •     1 red bell pepper (sliced into strips)
  •     10 oz. broccoli (bite-size)
  •     Other vegetables can be added as desired

Get Cooking with Tea

Gathering your ingredients is really the hard part! Cooking with tea is quite simple. Especially, if you have cooking with tea recipes or a cooking with tea blog to help you.

Step One: Make your tea! If you’re an avid tea drinker and know the how-to of cooking with tea, you can stop reading and move on to step two of this cooking with tea recipe. For newbies, follow these steps:

Place four cups of water in a saucepan and bring it to a boil. Quickly remove the pan from heat and add in your tea leaves. Next, cover your cooking with tea concoction for to 2 minutes and let it steep. Finally, strain all of the tea into a clean container, discarding the leaves as you go

Step Two:

Combine all sauce ingredients with tea and whisk until thoroughly mixed.

Brown meat in a skillet, using a tablespoon of oil to coat the pan. Heat should be set to medium-high.

In the same pan, add the ½ tablespoon of oil that is remaining along with your vegetables.

Stir while cooking for 4-5 minutes or until the vegetables are starting to become tender-crisp.

Add in your sauce and cook your cooking with tea recipe for another 2-3 minutes.

Once your cooking with tea concoction is thick (sauce) and crisp (vegetables), serve over rice!

Now that we have a couple of cooking with tea recipes under our belt, reach out on social media and let me know which cooking with tea blog dish you like the best!

Have a beauTEAful day.



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