Do’s and Don’ts for the Ideal Afternoon Tea Experience

December 10, 2015

Woman drinking afternoon tea during tea time

Do’s and Don’ts for the Ideal Afternoon Tea Experience

So many of you have sent us notes telling us how much you liked our blog post on how to host a delightful afternoon tea experience! Thank you so much for your feedback. The only thing we love more than a delightful and delectable cup of Physique Tea, is hearing from our amazing global community of tea lovers.

Afternoon Tea Tips

Today, we thought you’d enjoy a look at some do’s and don’ts if you venture out for some Afternoon Tea delight:

  • DO wear somewhat formal attire. 

    No, this doesn’t mean that you need to dress-up as if you’re attending the Oscars. But it should be a bit on the upscale and conservative side as well. A big part of the Afternoon Tea experience is the ceremony.
  • DO stir your tea in a manner so that your spoon doesn’t clink the side of your cup (usually a gently, slow stir is the best way to go here). Also, never leave your spoon in your cup. Place it neatly on your saucer. Even the Queen would be impressed!
  • DO feel free to add your milk or cream before pouring the tea. This is a somewhat controversial issue among Afternoon Tea aficionados. teacup and tea saucer for afternoon teaA century ago you might be banished for adding milk or cream first, but these days it’s hardly a faux pas. Besides, adding milk or cream helps the tea taste better and maintains its temperature. (If you’re enjoying some Physique Tea, we suggest a low-fat or fat-free milk, so you don’t lose your tea’s great health benefits!)


  • DON’T raise your pinky as you sip your tea. The only time this is really done is in movies, when people are trying to either make fun of folks who drink Afternoon Tea (shame on them!), or by people who are trying (and failing) to fit in with “high society”. afternoon tea in the sunSo relax and enjoy your tea, without worrying about the finer points of pinky pointing.
  • DON’T dunk your biscuit, cookie or anything else for that matter into your tea. If you do this at home then by all means, do whatever you wish. But if you’re enjoying Afternoon Tea at an establishment or restaurant, then just say no to dunking and you’ll be just fine.
  • DON’T misplace the teapot on the table. The correct placement is that the spout and the kettle face the pourer or hostess.

Send Us Your Comments and Photos

If you’re preparing an Afternoon Tea event at your home, or you’re heading out to enjoy this one-of-a-kind cultural experience, then be sure to share your comments and photos with us. We’ll collect the best ones and include them in a future blog post!  

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