Hit Refresh: Are You Ready for Your Bedtime Tea?

June 04, 2017

Woman drinking tea in bed

Hit Refresh: Are You Ready for Your Bedtime Tea?

Bedtime tea is one of the best ways to hit “refresh” at the end of a hectic day. We continually get chances to start anew.  Moment by moment or day by day we make choices to smile instead of a scowl.  We can offer an encouragement or further tear down our coworker.  We all want to choose the positive approach, but the more help we have, the better.

A Day in the Life

Let me paint you a picture. You wake up to your Tea maker beeping.  Grateful for the automatic pick-me-up, you slip into your moccasins and robe and head to the kitchen.  However, instead of repose, there are dirty dishes and spills greeting you from the kitchen counters.  woman relaxing on bed after bedtime teaYour significant other’s late night cravings are to be blamed. After a quick clean-up, you give the day another shot by hopping into the inviting shower.  But you forgot to buy a new razor.  Seems like you will go through the day with annoying stubble-rub.

Life Continued 

The day will continue on in a similar fashion. Good moments: chatting with your bestie over lunch. Followed by bad moments: getting a curt e-mail from your boss. Followed by good moments: free bagels in the break-room.  And then by bad moments: a fresh cream cheese stain on your new skirt. Over and over again you hit the refresh button and move on, hopefully, to another good moment.

We Need Help

So after a full 10-14 hours of hitting refresh, you come home to relax.  Although we wish our homes to be a sanctuary of perfection, it rarely lives up to expectations.  After choosing to be positive repeatedly throughout the day, perhaps you are tired and worn down. Perhaps, instead of a pleasant word, you are reaching for a sarcastic comment. Maybe instead of picking up a misplaced towel, you are kicking it to the side. Don’t worry, help is on the way.

Pearl by Physique 

By simply heating up some water, pouring it over a sachet of bedtime tea, such as Pearl Physique Tea, and seeping for 3-5 minutes, you will feel refreshed.  Sometimes, instead of forcing ourselves into the good moments, we need to arrive naturally.  So be at ease through the moments of rest. While you are smelling the aroma of cozy bedtime tea, think of nothing else. Set your sights on the blossoming tree out your window. Hum along to the new Harry Styles song (I highly recommend “Sweet Creature”).  Mindfully enjoy this bedtime tea.

Bedtime Tea Refresh

We all want to embody qualities like strong, happy, successful, or kind.  I am willing to bet that no one can accomplish all these desires alone. Pearl tea that is yummy to drink So we need tools,  assistance, and support. It is well known that good things

Pearl by Physique Tea

come to those who help themselves. Help yourself hit refresh at the end of a frenzied day. Warm up to a refreshing cup of bedtime tea.

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