Mother’s Day isn’t just for Mothers

May 08, 2017

hearts and flowers for mother's day in a row

Mother’s Day isn’t just for Mothers

You don’t need to be a mother to be celebrated on Mother’s Day.

Mother's Day Backstory

When I lived in Asia I didn’t have my Mom around for any holidays, let alone Mother’s Day. It was hard on both of us, especially with the time zones. She had to think ahead a full day for everything. My first birthday over there was a bit of a disaster because of it, but we got our holiday kinks worked out and present would show up on both sides of the Pacific on time thereafter.

Story Continued 

Even though I was in my mid-twenties I was still yearning for that motherly figure while in a foreign land. One fall day I was at a convention for business where I was introduced to a friend of a colleague. He insisted I meet his wife as he knew we would get along famously. They lived in Macao which is about an hour ferry ride from Hong Kong where I lived. One weekend they came over to Hong Kong and we had dinner. She was dazzling! Jean, the blonde goddess looked like she could rule the world- and did in her own way. She towered over me at nearly six and a half feet, with heels, which in Asia not many people tower over me. Perfectly tailored suit, and short as can be platinum blonde hair. There was no hiding here amongst the sea of Chinese. I knew I wanted to learn things from this woman. She didn’t have any children and I wanted to be her adopted “Asian” kiddo.

As things went on...

Over the months we got closer and closer. I spent holidays with her and her husband, blended with the rich and famous, experienced each other’s ups and downs, bounced business ideas off each other (me more than her of course), met up for spa trips, and had a genuine connection more than I have had with some blood relatives. She got the nickname “Momma Jean” and is fondly referred to as my “Asian Mom” although she looks anything but Asian as you can see.

Years later we still have a great bond. I think the world of her and wish we were still only a ferry ride away.

Mother’s don’t just have to be the woman who gave birth to you. They can be the woman who is there for you and guides you in life. The one you have a true bond with.

This Mother’s Day, show the female role model in your life how much she means to you with a token of appreciation. If you are at a loss for idea try a lovely box of Pearl or Duchess from our Relax Collection. If you want to step it up a notch our ceramic color changing thermos is beautiful and comes all wrapped up. We can even include a note from you to her.

Let us know how we can make your Mother’s Day wonderful.

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