Oolong Tea Benefits: Sleeping Your Way to Slim

June 12, 2017

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Oolong Tea Benefits: Sleeping Your Way to Slim

Oolong tea benefits are action packed and will help jumpstart your health.

Our days start and end with sleep.  Additionally, our days start and end with food and beverages. Surprisingly enough, drinking, eating, and sleeping are delicately intertwined

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What we eat and drink will impact our sleep. Our sleep then impacts our body chemistry.  Our body chemistry directly impacts our waistline.  One of the main oolong tea benefits is its ability to calm and relax leading to a great night sleep.


Science of Bedtime Snacks

When we are getting ready for bed our brain should be producing two chemicals: melatonin and serotonin[1].  These two interact to relax you and prepare your body for its sleep cycle.  Dr. Donald Hensrud of the Mayo Clinic Healthy Living Program points to “egg whites, soybeans, low-fat cheese, chicken and seeds, such as pumpkin or sesame” as foods high in tryptophan[1]. Food and sleep scientists alike point to tryptophan as an amino acid which increases the body’s production of melatonin and serotonin.

More About Triggers

Similar to tryptophan, your mind and body will be encouraged to rest with a cup of oolong tea.  In addition to acting within your body, the tea acts as an environmental trigger.  The warm cup will help transition from a productive day to a soothing night.  The alluring scent will bring your mind to a pleasant space.  Combining a cozy cup of Pearl Physique Tea with one of these recommended snacks will make sleep nearly irresistible for your body.


The Nighttime Slim

Sleep is so important because overnight our bodies churn with repair and rejuvenation. This is the one time during the day where energy is not being expended on outside tasks.  Finally, there are no chores to get done; no problems to solve.  There are no needy children; no gossipy co-workers. Bedtime is the ultimate “me-time”.  Therefore, if our bodies are deprived of this precious time, we will see consequences.

Sleep and Weight Gain Facts

When the European Congress of Endocrinology met this May, they connected unhealthy sleep to weight gain[2].  According to these scientists, a disruption in sleep patterns will cause a disruption in an individual’s relationship with food.

Woman sleeping better on a pillowA group from Sweden presented research where they noted metabolic reactions to sleep loss. They found a significant slowing of metabolism in the participants who were deprived of sleep.  There was a reported 5-20% loss of “energy expenditure for tasks such as breathing and digestion”.  When the body doesn’t get the rest necessary it must

save its energy.

More Research

So, if we eat the exact same after a restful night of sleep versus a non-restful night of sleep, we will eventually gain weight. This shows the importance of good sleep to our diets. Food, drink, sleep, waistlines: they are all involved.

Oolong Tea Benefits

By drinking oolong tea, such as Pearl Physique Tea, you are prepping your body for a peaceful night of rest.  Oolong tea benefits are clear. Strategically sipping oolong tea before bedtime will be an investment in your sleep and your diet.  Weight loss and good rest are among the many impressive oolong tea benefits.

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