Party Harder with Onyx Detox

September 14, 2016

People getting ready to detox after partying all night

Party Harder with Onyx Detox

Party Like a Detoxer?

I subscribe to the “work hard and party harder” adage, but these days my ‘partying’ is done in the daylight doing outdoorsy stuff and I am asleep by 10.

It was obvious at kickboxing Saturday that my partner had been partying hard all weekend with a plastic red Solo cup-in-hand and not a Camelback in-tow. Her liver needed some help and fast. Seeing her hangover get the best of her while watching my once feisty partner struggle through the workout was tough.

Detox Solution

I recommended Onyx Detox to help detoxify and cleanse her blood. She purchased some detoxifying Onyx at the gym and headed home.
loose leave tea
She started to feel better by the end of the first cup, which is no surprise since Onyx is a wizard at cleaning up the mess we sometimes make of our bodies.

Two days later she came into kickboxing more jazzed than I have ever seen her beaming with joy that she ran her dog instead of just walking him.

To learn more about Onyx Detox and how it can help you on those rough mornings after having too much fun click here.

We have a whole collection of laxative-free detoxification products that help your body detox naturally and increase energy flow. Energy flow, or qi as it is commonly referred to in China, is the circulating life force. When your qi is stagnant so are you, leading to a heavy and unbalanced feeling.

Get back to a vibrant flowing life force with the help of our detox products.

Every order placed this week will get a free sample of Onyx Detox.

If you are interested in one of our other teas we’d love to send you a sample. Just pop us an email when you place your order and tell us what you want to try.

Here’s to a clean and healthy body!

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