Snack Responsibly with Jade this Halloween

October 29, 2016

Jade halloween snacks

Snack Responsibly with Jade this Halloween

I look at the next house with a little anticipation and a lot of excitement thinking to myself, “What kind of goodies are they going to have? I hope it’s Skittles, or a Butterfinger, maybe a Starburst would be ok too – anything but a Mars bar. Oh, maybe they will have the normal size and not the cheap “fun” size for Halloween. There is nothing “fun” about a piece of candy the size of a peanut.” Leaving my friends in the dust I dash up to the door and reach up for the doorbell; eyes wide, giant smile and pillowcase open and ready for my treats. The door opens and a perfectly manicured hand grabs a handful of multicolored sugary treats from a candy bowl and with a thud drops a boatload in my sack; Sweet! This lady knows what’s up. Off I go bounding to the next treat stop.

Moving Forward

Those were the days when the more candy the better. I could pound the processed sugar and my body didn’t seem to notice. Now, I touch anything processed and I gain weight overnight. Sound familiar? I was addicted to anything that had corn syrup. It would not be uncommon for me to have a pound of Skittles in one day. I had the mentality that one bag equals one serving. People ask how did I get to be nearly 200 pounds; this is how – eating recklessly. I am coming up on seven years corn syrup free. It was the hardest habit to break.

Appetite Suppressant 

I do still eat fructose from time to time and my not so secret to staying trim is to drink Jade Fusion after a meal so my carbohydrates are digested properly, and blood sugar is balanced. I feel fuller quickly so I do not go overboard. Having a natural appetite suppressant is key for me to keep my figure since I have that all-or-nothing mentality.

Have fun this Halloween and enjoy those little “fun” sized packs of carbs if you want a treat, but make sure you snack responsibly and join me for a cup of Jade.

Have a BeauTEAful Day.



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