Tea Toner Recipe: Using Tea to Improve Your Skin

March 26, 2018

Blonde woman washing her face with tea toner

Tea Toner Recipe: Using Tea to Improve Your Skin

If you’ve been following my cooking with tea blogs, you know I love to use ingredients I already have in my kitchen to make unique and healthy dishes. I also love homemade beauty products, especially those that help people look and feel better. By using ‘DIY’ products, you can stay in control of the ingredients, reduce unhealthy toxins, and even save a little cash.

With summer coming, I thought I’d share a summer skin recipe that is sure to have your skin beach ready. And of course, it involves tea.

Duchess tea for tea toner


Why Use a Tea Toner

When you read the word ‘toner,’ you probably thought of acne. While it’s true that a tea toner can help reduce acne, a toner is simply a wash used to cleanse your skin and reduce the appearance of pores. For this reason, all toners aren’t created equally. This is why the natural aspect of this tea toner recipe is so important.

How it Works

Because it doesn’t contain harsh chemicals or astringents, it can be used by all skin types. Sensitive skin, oily skin, this tea toner is both gentle and hydrating. Although I hailed it as a summer recipe, tea toner benefits also include year-round use. Want to soothe your skin in the summer sun? Spritz it on. Need a tea toner that you can apply when your skin is dry? Try this tea toner recipe. Your skin will feel better instantly.

Asian woman looking at tea toner in spritz bottle

Tea Toner Recipe

This recipe is the easiest one yet and can be completed in a few simple steps.

  •         First, heat one cup of water for around a minute (or until its hot.)
  •         Add a tablespoon of fresh tea leaves to your cup and let it steep for an hour or so.
  •         Once the hour is up, use a strainer to remove the leaves and place your tea toner in the fridge until it has chilled.
  •         Pour your tea toner into a  small spritzer and keep it stored in a cool place.
  •         When you get ready to cleanse your skin, spritz on your tea toner. 
  • woman putting tea toner on cotton ballNow you’re ready to embrace your tea toner benefits! You can use it on the go (in your car, at the beach, at the gym) and at home. As long as you keep your tea toner at a very cool pace (preferably the fridge), it should keep for a couple of weeks.       
  • If you prefer, you can use a cotton ball to dab on the tea toner instead of spritzing.
  •         Next, follow up with your other go-to beauty products (moisturizer, sunscreen, etc.)
  •         Don’t rinse the tea toner off though—you want it to sink into your pores.
  •         Have dry skin and need extra hydration? You can add a few drops of vitamin e oil into your tea toner recipe.

Do you have any ideas of what to add to your tea toner to make it even better for your skin? Reach out and share with me on social media or by email Hello@physiquetea.com

Until then, have a beauTEAful day.



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