What is a Tea Sachet?

September 21, 2015

Mayan fusian tea sachet

What is a Tea Sachet?

A question that we frequently receive here at Physique is typically preceded by the words “I know this may be a stupid question, but…

First of all, as the old saying goes: there’s no such thing as a stupid question! Besides, we LOVE answering questions, and it really brightens our day when we have the chance to share information, offer advice, or point a customer in the right direction.

Questions and Answers

With that being said, let’s get to the question that some folks are a bit shy about asking: what is a tea sachet?

Truly, this is a great question, and we understand why many people are curious. After all, everyone is familiar with tea bags, and most people have used (or at least know about) tea balls. But tea sachets? For many people, the term is new and it’s unclear whether it’s referring to a type of tea bag, or a technology, or perhaps a brand name.Mayan Fusion

Well, we’re happy to unravel this mystery for the benefit of our customers, and tea lovers everywhere! 

All About Tea Sachets

Tea sachets are shaped a bit like a pyramid or triangle. The tea sachets we use here at Physique tea are made of silk, which makes them both strong and very porous — thus enabling maximum diffusion, without the need to “swirl” the sachet. Simply infusing the tea sachet in a cup or teapot of hot water is all the hard work you have to do!

Things To Know

Different tea sachetsDifferent tea sachets


Also, you may be under the impression – or led to believe by generic or bulk tea makers – that tea sachets are somehow a pricier option, and that you’re “paying extra for design and not for value.” Well, let us completely shatter that myth!

Tea Sachet Quality

Quality silk tea sachets (again, like the ones we use here) are perfect for re-using at least 2 times a day — but potentially 3 or 4 — which makes them on par or even below the cost of generic tea bags. The re-usability of our tea sachets is due to the fact that, as mentioned, the silk is porous and thus the loose leaf tea inside can efficiently air dry when stored in cupboard or cabinet.

The other key thing to know about tea sachets is that they’re ideal for high-quality loose leaf teas, which of course are the only kind we ever use here at Physique. Tea sachets provide ample room for the loose leaf teas to naturally expand. 

Traditional Tea Bags

 This is NOT the case with traditional tea bags, which aren’t designed for the teas to expand. However, with this being said, most traditional tea bags are full of dust and fannings, and so lack of expansion room is not the biggest problem: bad, bitter and low-quality mass-produced tea is!

What’s more, you don’t need to squeeze the tea sachets when you re-use them (and therefore trigger the release of bitter tannins, which occur naturally in tea). Simply diffuse the tea sachet in hot water, and we bet you won’t be able to tell the difference from your first cup!


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