What is better than Drugs? Tea for Sleep

May 22, 2017

woman sleeping peacefully after drinking tea


What is better than Drugs? Tea for Sleep

Sit down and cozy up to this article to learn about the best tea for sleep. Our bodies are living, working, creating organisms.  The body’s labor and toil introduce a massive need for rest. Unfortunately, due to daily tribulations, we are often left lacking.

We Need Help

Maybe a new job requires your phone to have high volume at all hours. Or your best friend just broke up with her boyfriend of seven years.  Perhaps the baby doesn’t sleep for more than two hours at a time.  Maybe a family death has taken up all your vacation time for the rest of the year. Regardless of the reasons, bedtime can quickly become the most precious commodity.  


Unfortunately sometimes, when we need sleep the most, it alludes us. Journal used for sleep with coloring pencilsThere are handy fixes, like sipping a cup of tea for sleep or “journaling”.  These actions will settle your mind.  However, sometimes from desperation, we may turn to prescription anecdotes or quick fix technology.

This trend is reflected by the healthy sleep aid business.  Dr. Harold Goldmeier reports that sleep aid is a “distinguishable sector of the $300B[illion] digital healthcare market” [2].  Not only are there pharmaceutical companies but clinical, therapeutic, natural medicine, bedding, and technology businesses all vying after our weakness and need for rest[2]. I hope this gives you pause.  Anytime an industry is profiting off of a vulnerability of nearly all humans, we must reassess.  Unlike tea for sleep, these quick fixes attempt to bandage the problem without addressing the source or improving overall health.

Hidden Dangers

Sleeping pills are even causing destruction among the elderly. At the most, tea for sleep will blanket you in the comfort of drowsiness as you naturally drift off and rest.  elderly man that can't sleep without drugsWith tea for sleep, there will never be nasty side effects in the morning.  The same cannot be said about prescription sleeping pills.  With little to no assistance, many older individuals can age gracefully and independently.  The need for everyday help and supervision often comes from injuries or illnesses.

Knowing this, it is shocking to learn about the injuries caused by the elderly taking prescription sleeping pills.  The issues begin after sleep has been accomplished and the individual is ready to start their day.  However, just because sleep is done does not mean the sleeping pills are done.  Dr. Ben Carter assessed eighteen different studies and determined that there was almost a 2.5 times greater rate of fracture among older individuals using sleeping pills than those who did not[1].

Long-Term Issues

Getting out of bed in the morning should not be a danger.  Sleep is meant to make us ready for the day to come, not helpless to the perils that lie wait for when we wake up.  sleeping pill dangersThe American Sleep Association (ASA) warns against long-term use of sleeping pills[3].  Instead of quick fixes, the ASA recommends seeking out behavioral changes for extended improved sleep results[3].

Better than Drugs

Your first behavioral change can be drinking Pearl by Physique Tea in the evening.  Just one cup of hot water and 3-5 minutes of steeping will bring you calm and relaxation as you enjoy this best tea for sleep.  It will make a difference. You will feel calm and centered.Pearl tea that is yummy to drink

Wipe away the cares from outside your mind.  Bedtime is a sacred time; it is your time.  Cherish it with an amazing tea for sleep.

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