Yet Even MORE Great Ways to Reuse Tea Sachets!

December 21, 2015

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Yet Even MORE Great Ways to Reuse Tea Sachets!

While we were hoping that our global community of top-quality loose leaf tea lovers would enjoy our series on how to reuse tea sachets, we truly didn’t expect such a positive response!

Indeed, it turns out that many of you are amazed that there are dozens of wonderful ways to reuse tea sachets, which can help you save time, save money, and save the environment, too!

The List of Sachet Uses

So, due to popular demand, here are even MORE great ways to reuse tea sachets – enjoy!

  1. Give Poison Ivy the Heave-Ho

We’ve all been there, or know a family member or friend who has: the moment that a pleasant outing in the park or woods turns into an agonizing itchy ordeal thanks to everyone’s least favorite plant: Poison Ivy.

Fortunately – and mercifully! – you can safely dry up the itchy, weepy rash by re-brewing tea with your used tea sachets, moistening a cotton ball or cotton pad, and then gently dabbing it on the affected area.

Obviously, if the problem persists you’ll want to speak to your doctor. But in many cases, this little remedy will really help – and fast, too!

  1. Light a Fire

Here’s a little-known but highly creative way to reuse tea sachets: soak them in wax, allow them to naturally dry, and voila: you have an outstanding way to light a fire, such as in a backyard fire pit or on campsite. And the natural aroma of the loose leaf tea inside will add a touch of magical splendor and delight to any occasion.

  1. Repair a Torn Fingernail

If you’ve (ouch!) torn a fingernail and want to speed up the healing and repair process, give this a try: with some scissors, cut out a small peace of the used tea sachet. Then, use this piece to apply some clear nail polish to the torn fingernail. Replace the piece about once a week, and watch as it prevents the new, healthy nail from embedding itself in your nail bed, which can be painful and even cause an infection.

  1. Deodorize Your Carpets

Why spend money on pricey carpet deodorizers – many of which don’t work? Next time, cut open your used tea sachet and sprinkle some slightly moist leaves across your carpets. Then, simply vacuum or sweep them up. Your carpets and home will smell great! Plus, you can use this tip to deodorize the carpets in your car, too.

Tell Us Your Tips!

We’re always looking for more great ways to reuse tea sachets. Please send us your ideas and share your experiences. We’ll gather the best ones and include them in an upcoming blog post!  

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