More Creative Ways to Re-Use your Physique Tea Sachets!

December 24, 2015

Improve cat odors with tea bags

More Creative Ways to Re-Use your Physique Tea Sachets!

If you’re a frequent reader of our blog, then you’ll recall a few weeks ago we shared some fun and interesting ways that you could re-use your Physique tea sachets (check them out here!).  
Well, we received so much positive feedback on that series that we wanted to share even MORE creative suggestions. So without further delay…

More Suggestions

  1. Get rid of food odors on your hands.  

Tired of reminding yourself and everyone within smelling-distance that earlier in the day (or maybe yesterday!) you were cutting onions, cleaning fish, peeling garlic, or preparing some other tasty but pungent food item?

Well this time, instead of scouring your hands with harsh soaps that can damage your skin – and still might not eliminate the offensive odor – rinse your hands with warm water and gently squeeze a used Physique tea sachet in your hands. You’ll be amazed at how quickly the odor disappears – and your hands will be softer and smoother, too!

  1. Give your cat some loose leaf tea love.

Next time you’re cleaning your cat’s litter box (ah, the things cat owners do for their feline masters…), cut open a dried-out used Physique tea sachet and sprinkle in the loose leaf tea onto the kitty litter. The natural antibacterial properties in our tea will help eliminate odors and make life better for your cat, for you, and for your guests.

  1. Drain a painful blister.

Who hasn’t come home after a long day of walking around in the wrong shoes – only to discover a painful, throbbing blister? Well the next time that happens, simply cover the blister with a wet used Physique tea sachet, and allow it to work its magic overnight. When you wake up, your blister will either be completely gone, or MUCH better and on the way to being a distant memory.

  1. Say goodbye to razor burns and nicks.

Fed up with razor burns and nicks? Instead of reaching for yet another band-aid, next time apply a used, moistened used Physique tea sachet to the affected area.shaving without razor burn
 The pain should go away within seconds, and any bleeding should rapidly stop as well. How’s that for a double play?

Send Us Your Best Tips!

We’d love to know how you re-use tea sachets or tea bags in your daily life. Please share your best tips with us. We’ll be sure to include them in future blog posts, so that the whole Physique community can benefit from your experience and wisdom!


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