Tips for Getting the Most Out of Your Physique Loose Leaf Tea Selections

December 14, 2015

Loose tea leaves in a strainer

Tips for Getting the Most Out of Your Physique Loose Leaf Tea Selections

Here at Physique Tea, our goal is to ensure that you always enjoy the perfect cup of tea wherever you are: at home, work, during your commute…anywhere and anytime!

And while we certainly appreciate that everyone has their own personal preferences and styles for preparing tea, we thought it would be helpful to highlight some simple, yet highly effective tips to help you get the MOST out of your physique loose leaf tea selection:


  1. Brew your tea for between 4-7 minutes

The optimal duration will depend on the temperature of your water (i.e. the hotter it is, the shorter the brewing time), as well as your own personal preference (i.e. whether you like relatively light or more full-bodied tea). However, generally, we have found that brewing between 4-7 minutes is ideal.

  1. Always use fresh water.

While it may be a bit more convenient to have water in your kettle ready for boiling, you should always use fresh water when brewing tea – preferably filtered, if available. Make sure the water is cold as well; never hot.  

  1. Microwave? Just say no!

While microwaves can be very convenient when it comes to making some popcorn, they aren’t good for boiling water, because it’s very difficult to control the water temperature — usually, the water is either much too hot or far too tepid. Stick with your kettle and you’ll be just fine!

  1. Warm your teapot before adding the water.

Run your teapot under some hot water just before adding the boiled water. This will help maintain the temperature for much longer. Plus, this can prevent the pot from cracking or breaking when the hot water is added.

  1. Add some citrus or stevia!

While Physique teas are great on their own, try spicing them up by adding some citrus peels (orange, lemon, lime) or a sweet healthy additive like honey or sugar! For example, our founder Asti loves adding lemon peel to her afternoon cup of Orchid. She says “the citrus burst from the lemon peel really brings out the flavor in the exotic berry & pineapple blend of Orchid.”

Send Us Your Tips!

Please send us your tips and suggestions for enjoying the perfect cup of Physique loose leaf tea. For example, do you use special equipment? Or do have you a unique way of preparing tea that would benefit our global community of tea lovers? If so, then please share them with us! We’ll collect the best tips and include them in a future blog post.

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